Grattarola (1879) proposed the name “orizite” for a silicate he considered a new mineral. “Orizite” was found in the aplitic dike of “Fonte del Prete” in the granodioritic batholite of Elba Island. The name was chosen because of the resemblance of the crystals to rice grains (from “ορυςα” in the original Greek). Later on its spelling was changed by Arzruni (1880) into “oryzite” (in fact “oryza” is the Latin word for both the plant, Oryza sativa, and the grain). Both Arzruni (1880) and Groth (1882) questioned the validity of “oryzite” as a new mineral species, suggesting its identity with heulandite. Hey (1955, 1963) lists both spellings of the name and classifies oryzite as a doubtful species.

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