The crystal structure of connellite has been solved from the Patterson function and refined to an R factor of 0.07. The structure analysis shows the most probable space group to be P62c. The most probable chemical composition of the crystal studied is:

Cu36.8[(SO4).8, (NO3).2]2Cl6(OH)60[C1.33, (OH).33, (H2O).33]6.6H2O

The structure consists of an intricate three-dimensional framework which contains large channels parallel to the c axis. In overall aspect, however, the structure is geometrically simple. The framework is composed of edge and corner-sharing polyhedra with Cu2+ as the central ion and apices composed of (OH), Cl, and H2O. The polyhedra are, with one exception, distorted octahedra. The channel contains the disordered SO4 ion. The disorder is the result of the tetrahedral SO4 filling a 6 site and an apparent one for one substitution of NO3 for SO4.

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