The relationship of the layer charges (total, octahedral and tetrahedral) of glauconites to the increasing percentage of the expandable layers has been studied on 20 samples of glauconites from the Cretaceous of Bohemia.

The octahedral charge is higher in the composite-layer (total) charge of glauconites, whereas the tetrahedral is always markedly lower. This fact, according with Foster’s (1960) view, confirms the position of glauconites in the series of dioctahedral potash micas, the so-called “trisilicic-tetrasilicic series.”

With a rising percentage of the expandable component, the total charge of glauconites decreases.

A quadratic dependence has been established between the layer charges of glauconites (total, octahedral and tetrahedral) and the amount of expandable layers. For a pure (10 Å) glauconite, a total charge of 0.92, an octahedral charge of 0.63, and a tetrahedral charge of 0.29 have been inferred by extrapolation.

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