The infrared (4000-33 cm-1) and laser-Raman spectra are obtained for the mineralogical lead apatites: pyromorphite Pb10(PO4)6Cl2, mimetite Pb10(AsO4)6Cl2, and vanadinite Pb10(VO4)6Cl2. The lack of Raman spectra has previously led to incorrect interpretation of the spectral data. The ν2 bending modes of XO43- groups are assigned to high frequency, low intensity bands in the infrared spectra. For example, the ν2-mode for the phosphate ion in pyromorphite occurs at 436 cm-1. Also, simple site group theory is now shown to be inadequate for explaining the vibrational spectra of lead apatites. Factor group analysis based on unit-cell symmetry considerations must be introduced to interpret the vibrational spectra. Finally ν1−ν3 frequency inversion in Raman spectra is noted for both mimetite and vanadinite.

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