Beyerite, not previously recorded from India, has been found as an accessory pegmatite mineral in Bisundni, Rajasthan, India. The recalculated analytical results are: Bi2O3 42.4%, PbO 36.2%, CaO 6.5%, and CO2 14.9%. Differential thermal analysis shows an endothermic peak between 475°C and 588°C. These are close to the values for beyerite and bismutite. X-ray studies show that beyerite is mixed with another mineral giving the pattern of bismutite. There are indications of the presence of massicot, litharge and calcite. However, the chemical analysis, especially the high PbO and CO2, cannot be interpreted in terms of these associations. A similar situation exists in the case of the discredited species boksputite and further work will be required to elucidate the nature of the associated minerals.

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