Electron diffraction single-crystal patterns and X-ray powder data are used to evaluate unit cell parameters of magadiite. Under normal air conditions, the unit cell is monoclinic with a = b = 7.25, c = 15.69 Å, β = 96.8°. The data confirm a similarity with keatite and the a and b parameters are equal to those given by Eugster (1967) when divided by 3. A monoclinic cell given by McAtee el at. (1968) is not confirmed. In vacuo, the structure collapses and the unit cell is monoclinic with a = b = 7.30, c = 13.73 Å, β = 100.5°. H-magadi-ite, in dry air and in vacuo, gives a basal spacing of 11.20 β. Basal spacings of H-, Na-, and Ca-magadiite are given for various physical conditions and after saturation with liquid ethylene glycol.

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