A new hydrous basic ferric tellurite-sulfate Fe2(TeO3)2(SO4) ·3H2O has been found at the Moctezuma Mine, Sonora. It is identical with an unnamed mineral from Honduras partially described in 1944 by Frondel and Pough. The mineral is yellow to greenish yellow in color, orthorhombic a = 9.66, b = 14.20 and c = 7.86 Å, with a habit and cleavage similar to barite. H = 2½; G = 3.75. Principal lines in the X-ray powder pattern are 7.10 (10), 5.74 (10), 3.239 (7), 3.564 (6), 3.336 (6), and 3.053 (6). The name is for Frederick H. Pough.

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