Measured 2θ values of the 201, 060, and 204 diffraction peaks of natural and synthetic alkali feldspars empirically can be linearly related to the a, b, and c cell parameters, respec lively. The structural state of many alkali feldspars may be estimated directly from a plot of 2θ (060) against 2θ (204) prepared for feldspars of known structural state. Feldspars having anomalous cell dimensions may also be recognized on such a plot. Composition of feldspars having normal cell dimensions may be determined from 2θ (201). Starting parameters for a computer refinement of the cell may be obtained from equations relating cell dimension to 2θ value of a single diffraction peak for a wide variety of natural, synthetic, and cation-exchanged alkali-feldspar phases. The ‘three-peak’ method permits any geologist who has access to an X-ray diffractometer to describe and name alkali feldspar phases commonly encountered in petrologic studies.

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