Although numerous studies contributing to the knowledge of transformation rates for aragonite⇄calcite in dry environments have been published (e.g., Kleber, 1940; Chaudron, 1952; Jamieson, 1953; MacDonald, 1956; Clark, 1957; Wray and Daniels, 1957; Brown et al., 1962; Davis and Adams, 1965), data on reaction rates for the transition accomplished under hydrothermal conditions is nearly nonexistent. Brown et al., (1962) have presented limited experimental data on the aragonite→calcite transformation in liquid water, but inasmuch as such experimentation was only peripheral to their study, they did not pursue a systematic investigation of the reaction rates. A more detailed study of the transformation rates for aragonite→calcite under hydrothermal conditions, although not all-inclusive, is presented here.

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