Compounds of the general formula PbxCayZnzSiO2+n (n=x+y+z; x<2;y≤l; z≤2) were synthesized both by heating in air and by hydrothermal crystallization of chemically precipitated gels.

Newly synthesized phases are larsenite PbZnSiO4, barysilite (Pb,Mn)3 Si2O7, esperite (Ca,Pb)4Zn4Si4O16, margarosanite Ca2PbSi3O9, phase X1 CaPb2Zn3Si3O12, phase X2 (possibly a high temperature polymorph of nasonite Ca2Pb3Si3O11) and phase X3 (probable formula, CaZnSi2O6·H2O).

X-ray powder data of the new phases are recorded and unit-cell constants are given where known.

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