In 1901 during a brief reopening of the centuries-old Cocinera Mine, at Ramos, San Luis Potosi, Mexico, a large pocket of oxidized ore was encountered near the bottom of the mine, at a depth of 1100 feet. This ore was reported to have been a complex mixture of “the red and black oxides of copper, some carbonates and some metallic copper and metallic silver” (Hough, 1919), and to contain a few pounds of an unknown metallic mineral. Pieces of this unknown mineral were analyzed by the chemist of the Mexican Copper Company, owners of the mine at the time of the reopening. The results of the analysis remained unreported for some years, until the analyst, George J. Hough, mentioned the mineral formula, AgCu4S, derived from them, in a short romantic historical discussion of Ramos, titled “An old Treasure Town” (Hough, 1991)

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