Cell constants are given for CaCO3, MgCO3, CaMg(CO3)2, MnCO3, FeCO3, ZnCO3, COCO3, NiCO3, and CdCO3, together with listings of all possible d-values for powder diagrams taken with CuKα1 radiation. Less complete information is presented for CuCO3, Mg3Ca(CO3)4, CaMn(CO3)2, CdMg(CO3)2, and the hypothetical end member, CaFe(CO3)2 Samples of some of these materials prepared at or near room temperature have unit cells distinctly larger than those of equivalent samples prepared at higher temperature.

Amplitude contributions to the structure factors of calcite and dolomite powder reflections are given, based upon recently refined parameters cited in the literature. Front reflection intensities, based upon a simplified model essentially involving spherical neutral atoms at rest, are computed for a number of carbonates.

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