The mineral carminite was described by Sandberger (1958) from Horhausen, Rhine Province, Germany. On the basis of an approximate chemical analysis he gave the composition as Pb3Fe10(AsO4)12, and the specific gravity as 4.10. Foshag (1937) reported the composition of carminite as approximating PbFe2(AsO4)2(OH)2 for carminite from Mapimi, Durango, Mexico and from an unstated locality in Colorado, but makes no mention of the specific gravity of his material. Le Mesurier (1939) described carminite from the Ashburton District, Western Australia which agreed in composition with Foshag's formula, and for which he reported a specific gravity of 5.22. The original papers of Sandberger and Le Mesurier were not available to the authors, the reported specific gravities having been noted in Dana's System of Mineralogy (1951), page 912.

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