A tantalum-niobium-titanium-bearing mineral has been found as slender prismatic crystals in a cobble of graphic granite in gravels of the Paringa River, South Westland, New Zealand. The mineral is dark brown in color and metamict with the characteristic resinous luster and strikingly conchoidal fracture of a mineral in that physical state. The refractive index is 2.205 but after being heated to 1200° C. in vacuo a value of 2.35 was recorded; specific gravity is dose to 5. X-ray diifraction patterns secured from unheated and carefully heated fragments are either identical to or exhibit insignificant differences from powder photographs obtained with similarly treated kobeite from the type locality of Shiraishi, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. On the basis of these details but in the absence of quantitative analytical data, the South Westland mineral is considered to be identical, or very closely related to, kobeite. The source of the pebble is uncertain but it has probably been derived from granitic stocks or pegmatites that are known to outcrop in this general area.

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