A detailed description of the physical and chemical properties of amblygonite (monte-brasite, LiAl(OH, F)PO4) from Cáceres, Western Spain, is given. The amblygonite occurs in pneumatolytic tin veins. Associated minerals include quartz, cassiterite, muscovite, apatite, and the sulfides stannite, chalcopyrite, sphalerite, and arsenopyrite. Feldspar is absent.

A new occurrence of the rare phosphate minerals augelite (A12PO4(OH)3) and chil-drenite ((Fe, Mn)AlPO4(OH)2·H2O) has been found.

Cassiterite from two localities of Cáceres province has been analyzed by chemical and quantitative spectrochemical methods. Special attention has been paid to the presence of titanium, columbium, and tantalum.

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