It is the purpose of this note to comment on two topics occurring in The American Mineralogist, Vol. 39. Nos. 9 and 10, 1954. First, the discussion by Brindley and von Knorring (1954) of the possible nature of the superlattice in antigorities from Unst, (Shetlands) and from Mikonui (New Zealand.) Secondly, the derivation of structural formulae for antigo-rites from chemical analyses, a matter which was dealt with by the above authors and also by McConnell (1954) in a note on “Ortho-antigorite and the tetrahedral configuration of hydroxyl ions.” A similar topic was the subject of a note by Brindley (1954) concerning an antigorite from Caracas, Venezuela. (The localities Unst, Mikonui and Caracas will be denoted U, M, and C respectively in the following paragraphs.)

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