The mineral clarkeite in pegmatites from Spruce Pine, N. C., when first described by Ross, Henderson, and Posnjak (1931) was given the formula RO · 3UO3 · 3H2O. In their paper (p. 214) they state: “Alkalies are the essential RO constituents and sodium predominates over potassium. Analysis No. 1 is closely similar to No. 2, the only essential difference being a slight excess of calcium in the former. The quantity of lead and alkalies is nearly the same in the two analyses and the uranium contents agree very closely. Both analyses contain only small quantities of iron and aluminum oxides but there is a difference in the water content.” They also give a diagram of an x-ray picture which agrees with one obtained by Frondel of the same material. A film (Table 1) obtained by us from a sample received from the Trace Elements Laboratory of the U. S. Geological Survey which is labelled TE-1334 also agrees within reasonable limits.

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