Hess, Smith and Dengo (1952) have described a monomineralic antigorite rock from the vicinity of Caracas, Venezuela, and from a detailed chemical analysis have concluded that the composition “shows a poor fit” with the ideal serpentine formula, Mg6Si4010(OH)8, and is represented better by the more complex formula Mg7Si5O13(OH)8·nH20, with n = 1.4 for the analyzed specimen, but possibly varying between 1 and 3 for other specimens of antigorite. The difficulty of reconciling this formula with the generally accepted kaolin-type structure of antigorite led the writer to re-analyze the chemical data given by Hess et al. In the writer's opinion the results obtained fit reasonably well with the ideal formula, and for the small discrepancies which are found an explanation is suggested.

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