In 1928 Eberhard Rimann (1) proposed the name bodenbenderite for a supposed new compound of composition given as (Mn, Ca, Fe, Mg)4 Al[(Al, Y)O] [(Si, Ti, U)O4]3. The proposed new species was received with some reserve; thus, J. F. Schairer (2) in 1929 commented that the data were unsatisfactory; in 1932 Dana-Ford (3) listed bodenbenderite in small capitals, signifying a species of doubtful validity; in 1934 Larsen-Berman (4) suggested a possible relationship to beckelite, notwithstanding considerable differences in the formulas ascribed to the two substances. In 1941 Strunz (5) listed it, as probably a variety of garnet, with a question mark as denoting an inadequately defined “mineral.”

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