This paper presents an interpretation, based on physical-chemical principles and data, of the phenomena arising in the aureole of metamorphism, resulting from the intrusion of a magma into dolomitic rocks. It is assumed that dedolcmitization takes place in these beds closest to the magma. It also suggests a mechanism by which hydrothermal soluticns passing through the zone of dedolcmitized rocks may beccme rich in magnesium. A summary is given of the available data on the system MgO-CaO-CO2-H2O and its subsidiary systems. Probable phase equilibrium diagrams have been drawn for the systems MgO-CO2-H2O and CaO-CO2-H2O. The course of the reactions, involved in hydrothermal dolcmitizaticn of limestones, and the special conditions necessary for the formation of magnesite, are discussed.

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