The need for bonding friable sediments in order to prepare thin sections has long been apparent, and various materials and methods have been proposed for this purpose. Of the impregnating media suggested, balsam has been perhaps most widely employed, and methods for using it have been reviewed by Johannsen,1 and described by Sayles,2 Clements,3 Von Huene,4 and Waldo and Yuster.5 Kollolith6 has about the same index as balsam and is used in much the same way. Bakelite varnish7 has certain advantages over either of the other two media, and has a higher index (1.60-1.64). All of the above media have a comparatively high viscosity, and it is this factor which hinders their application. Generally, they must be used in some solvent, which necessitates added time to effect thorough impregnation, and special precautions to minimize the formation of bubbles within the specimen when the solvent is evaporated. Good results may be obtained, but the procedure is commonly tedious, and in some cases special equipment is required.

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