A new orientation of inesite has been chosen with the elements: a:b:c = 0.9700:1:1.3208; α = ; 87°42', β = 132°351/2', ; = 97°01' (Sheibe's elements transformed by the formula 101/010/001). X-ray measurements on a cleavage fragment gave a0 = 8.89, b0 = 9.14, c0 = 12.14; a0:b0:c0 = 0.973:1:1.328; α = 87°38½', β = 132°30', γ = 97°05½'. This orientation has been selected to make the direction of elongation the c-axis and to retain the similarity inesite shows to members of the wollastonite group. Inesite is shown to be closely related to a high calcium rhodonite which theoretically may be considered as a dehydrated inesite. From published analyses and a new specific gravity determination, together with the lattice constants, the cell formula is calculated to be Mn7Ca2Si10O28(OH)2 · 5H2O.

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