Mineralogists have always been interested in the use of the diamond for gem purposes. They have also known of the use of carbonado and boart in diamond drill bits. Relatively little attention, however, has been given by them to the very extensive use of the diamond at present in industry as a whole. The great speeding up of the defense programs in this country and Great Britain, and especially the interruption of the supply of wire drawing dies, formerly produced in the low countries and France, have created many difficult problems. Efforts were accordingly made to supply these deficiencies and also to accelerate the production of diamond-set tools and diamond-bonded wheels which are so vital in precision machining of metallic and other parts. In attempting to solve some of these problems manufacturers have quite naturally sought the advice of mineralogists. Their stock of the necessary technical information is quite limited due to the fact that only recently have a few mineralogists endeavored to correlate the practice of industry with our knowledge of the various physical and structural properties of the diamond. It was therefore thought advisable to arrange a symposium on diamonds to be conducted at the time of the meetings of the Mineralogical Society of America in Boston.

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