Bellingerite. Triclinic pinacoidal. a:b:c = 0.9264:1:1.0149; α=105°06’, β = 96°5712’, γ = 92°55’. a0 7.22Å, b0=7.82 Å, c0= 7.92Å. Contains 3Cu(IO3)2 · 2H2O in unit cell. Habit prismatic [001] and somewhat tabular {100}. Twinning on {101} common. Conchoidal fracture. Moderately brittle. H = 4. G = 4.89 ± 0.01. Color light sulphate green. Optics:


Occurs as distinct crystals in veinlets with leightonite and gypsum in massive quartz at Chuquicamata, Chile.

Named in honor of Mr. H. C. Bellinger, Vice President of the Chile Exploration Company and for many years associated with mining at Chuquicamata.

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