Antlerite was first described by Hillebrand (1889) who gave an incomplete physical description and a chemical analysis, naming the mineral from its place of occurrence, the Antler mine, Arizona. Ten years later it was described under the name stelznerite from Chile. The study by Arzruni and Thaddeeff (1899) was communicated posthumously by Dannenberg. Schaller (1911) proved the identity of the two minerals optically and advocated the use of the prior name, a usage which has been followed except in German publications. The fullest description of the crystallography of antlerite is by Ungemach (1924), who seems to have been the first to recognize the mineral at Chuquicamata, Chile. It had been commonly mistaken there for brochantite, but is now known to be the principal ore (Audrieth, 1925; Bandy, 1938) in this largest of the world’s copper mines.

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