The occurrence of garnet in rhyolite near Ely, Nevada, has been described by Spencer1 and by Melhase.2 The youngest igneous rock in the Ely district is a tertiary (probably pliocene) rhyolite. In the area north of Lane Valley, marked “garnet fields” on the map of the Ely quadrangle, the rock is “characterized by more or less globular vesicles” lined with a continuous coating of white glassy quartz. Garnet crystals from a few millimeters to over 10 millimeters in diameter are implanted on this coating or partly intergrown with the quartz. No other minerals were found in the vesicles. The garnet crystals are deep red, very shiny, and perfectly clear. They show the trapezohedron (211) with occasional faces of the dodecahedron.

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