From the west on Monday, November 13, 1933, came strong westerly winds laden with dust which covered the city of Buffalo with a noticeable coating of grit. Fortunately, the city at the time was covered with several inches of snow. The writer collected a shovelful, taking only the top few inches so as to avoid possible contamination. The snow was melted, the resulting liquid filtered, and the residue dried. This was mounted in Canada balsam. Examination under polarized light showed that the grit was composed of mineral and organic matter, the following being identified:

1. Volcanic ash; 2. Quartz; 3. Feldspars (orthoclase, microcline, plagioclase); 4. Hornblende; 5. Tourmaline; 6. Zircon; 7. Mica; 8. Diatom tests; 9. Spores and pollen grains; 10. Plant hairs.

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