The mineral deposit of Searles is a remarkable body of salts contained in a playa “lake.” The central portion of this playa is occupied by a body of solid salts covering an area of more than twelve square miles, and exceeding 100 feet in thickness. About this central salt core is a peripheral band of saline muds, in many places rich in minerals. In various parts of this deposit have been found crystals of uncommon character. Six new minerals, all double or triple salts, have been found, some of them in considerable abundance. There is reason to believe that these species are present in considerable quantity in certain parts of the deposit but since most of them have been recovered by deep drilling, only small quantities are usually available to the mineralogist. Hanksite crystals can be recovered from the muds of the playa in large numbers and pirssonite is sufficiently abundant to form thin strata in the deeper layers. Northupite is fairly abundant in some well samples. Tychite once known only as the original three crystals, seems to characterize a particular thin band rich in gaylussite. Sulfohalite is probably one of the rarest of the minerals from Searles Lake.

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