Emile E. Hesnard, a charter member of the Mineralogical Society of America, died February 17, 1929, at his home in Keystone, South Dakota, at the age of 61 years. With his passing the Black Hills lost its most diligent collector and science an earnest mineralogist. Not having had an extended classroom education in geology andmineralogy, Mr. Hesnard was hesitant about publishing articles on the minerals occurring in his vicinity, but the visitors to the region could not help but be impressed by the depth of his knowledge of Black Hills mineralogy. Mr. Hesnard worked for many years at the Etta mine, and in recent years had been superintendent of mining operations at the nearby Hugo and Peerless pegmatites. Many field superintendents have an uncanny skill in distinguishing the mineral species with which they come in contact, but Mr. Hesnard went very much farther and by ceaseless reading and personal observations became extremely well acquainted with the genetic theories and their local application. Anyone interested in the processes of mineralization of the Keystone pegmatites foundinspiration through acquaint-tanceship with Mr. Hesnard. During his many years in the district he gathered together an imposing collection. He sold specimens to the mineral-distributing firms, but being a true mineral lover he much preferred to trade with collectors from other localities. In addition to his keen mental ability, Mr. Hesnard was an extremely likeable gentleman and was loved by all who knew him.

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