A seventy ton meteor is reported to have been found at Otjihaene, near the head of the Grootfontein railway in the northeastern part of Southwest Africa, imbedded in soft limestone. Its approximate size is ten by ten by four feet. Though this is said to be the largest meteor ever actually discovered in the world, it is probably dwarfed by the one which many years ago caused the famous Meteor Crater in Arizona. This is the opinion of Dr. George P. Merrill, of the U. S. National Museum. The great meteor which fell in the Yenissei Province of Siberia on June 30, 1908, was also probably much larger, but as yet the main part of neither of these meteors has been located. Another huge crater, caused by a meteor that fell at some time in the past, was discovered in the Pamir, in Central Asia, near Afghanistan. This latter crater is a conical pit 260 feet in diameter and 33 feet deep.

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