The writer has collected at this quarry the following minerals: Thin tabular specimens of ilmenite, associated with massive manganese garnets and quartz. Columbite, fairly well developed crystals, more brittle and less iridescent than the specimens obtained at Branchvill, Connecticut. Small scales of autunite on uraninite with zircon (massive), found in the North Quarry. The uraninite is not plentiful; also traces of autunite have been found on microcline. Iron Pyrites with a ferruginous coating, small crystals associated with partly disintegrated microcline. Green and blue beryls in large crystals are found, but not of gem quality. It has been reported that a few golden beryls have also been recovered. Black tourmalines are plentiful, but there are very few with perfect terminations; they are found with quartz as a matrix. Rose quartz of fine, deep color, somewhat opalescent is found abundantly. Likewise black massive quartz that is decidedly opaque, in fact, the finest the writer has ever seen. Quartz crystals of peculiar habit in parallel position and with the appearance of formation under pressure, are obtained near the contact of the red microcline with the quartz. Muscovite has been obtained in the South Quarry; thin sections of the sheets show very distinct outlines of magnetite.

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