This mineral occurs in a pegmatite dike on lot 23, con. XV, Lyndoch township, Renfrew County, Ontario. The occurrence has been known for many years, having been first described by the late Willet G. Miller in the 7th Report of the Ont. Bureau of Mines, 1897, Part III, page 234. Dr. Miller notes microcline, microperthite, quartz, amazon-stone, black mica, smoky quartz, beryl, columbite, thin platy feldspar, black tourmaline and fluorite as occurring in the dike. He states further that: “There is also embedded sparingly in the feldspar another mineral which has not as yet been subjected to careful examination, but it appears to be a columbate. It has a vitreous lustre, is shining black in color, has a conchoidal fracture and resembles rather closely in general appearance certain specimens of the natural glass obsidian. There is also a brown mineral which appears to belong to the same chemical class as the two already described.” (i. e., columbite and the unknown columbate). Walker and Parsons1 also have described beryl and other minerals recently obtained from this dike.

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