PYROSOLE. DAS KOLLOIDE PHÄNOMEN in der GLÜHEND FL󀃜SSIGE MATERIE UND SEINE ERSTARRIJNGS—ZuSTÄNDE UNTER BERÜCKSICHTIGUNG DES LaT-ENTEN PHOTOGRAPHISHEN BILDES. (Pyrosols. Colloidal Phenomena in Molten and Solidified Matter with Consideration of the Photographic Latent Image.) Richard Lorenz, Ph. D., Professor and Director of the Institute for Physical Chemistry of the University, Frankfurt A. M., and Wilhelm Eitel, Dr. phil. nat., Professor and Director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute fÜr Silikatfor—schung, Berlin—Dahlem. Vol. 4, Colloidal Investigations, edited by R. Zsigmondy. Akademische Verlagsgesellschaft m. b. H., Leipzig, 1926. IX+290 pp, 64 figs., 20 plates. 22 X 15 cm. Price, unbound, M. 18; bound, M. 20

TABELLEN ZUR ALLGEMEINEN UND SPEZIELLEN MINERALOGIE. PAUL NIGGALI. XVI+300 pages, 228 figures. Bound in cloth, 9.30 M. Verlag von Gebrd󀃜er Borntraeger, Berlin. 1927.

GEOLOGY MANUAL: An Instruction and Laboratory Manual for Beginners. Part 1, Physical Geology. Richard M. Field, Ph. D. (Princeton University Press, 2nd Edition, 1927).

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