This paper presents the nomenclature of the rhodonite group accepted by the Commission on New Minerals, Nomenclature and Classification of the International Mineralogical Association (IMA). An overview of the previous studies of triclinic (space group Pforumla$$\bar{1}$$⁠) pyroxenoids belonging to the rhodonite structure type, with a focus on their crystal chemistry, is given. These minerals have the general structural formula VIIM(5)VIM(1)VIM(2)VIM(3)VIM(4)[Si5O15]. The following dominant cations at the M sites are known at present: M(5) = Ca or Mn2+, M(1–3) = Mn2+; and M(4) = Mn2+ or Fe2+. In accordance with the nomenclature, the rhodonite group consists of three IMA-approved mineral species having the following the general chemical formulae: M(5)AM(1–3)B3M(4)C[Si5O15], where A = Ca or Mn2+; B = Mn2+; and C = Mn2+ or Fe2+. The end-member formulae of approved rhodonite-group minerals are as follows: rhodonite CaMn3Mn[Si5O15]; ferrorhodonite CaMn3Fe[Si5O15]; and vittinkiite MnMn3Mn[Si5O15].

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