Solid phase reaction synthesis of wollastonite-2M by a natural rock precursor as the source of amorphous silica and CaCO3 is reported. Chemical treatments were carried out on a diatomitic rock from Crotone (Calabria, Italy) in order to measure its reactive silica and CaCO3 contents. Four series of synthesis were performed at 1000°C at ambient pressure by mixing, at different stoichiometry, the diatomitic rock with a natural limestone as a source of additive CaCO3, and sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) as triggering agent.

Wollastonite-2M was characterized by chemo-physical, crystallographical and morphological-microtextural analyses. All these characterizations, together with infrared and nuclear magnetic resonance (29Si) responses provide values comparable to literature data. Estimation of the amorphous phase in the synthesis powders was performed through quantitative phase analysis using the combined Rietveld and reference intensity ratio methods, resulting in a final product of 96.3% wollastonite-2M.

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