A second occurrence of ferri-fluoro-leakeite has been identified in the Bratthagen nepheline syenite pegmatite (Vestfold County, Norway). With respect to the holotype found at the Verkhnee Espe deposit (Akjailyautas Mountains, Kazakhstan; Cámara et al., 2010), it is closer to the ideal composition because of its larger Li and Mg contents and the absence of an oxo-component; however, it has a significant Zn content (0.29 a.p.f.u.). The ideal formula of ferri-fluoro-leakeite is ANaBNa C2(Mg2Fe23+Li)TSi8O22WF2 and the empirical formula derived from electron-microprobe analysis and single-crystal structure refinement for the sample used here is A(Na0.68K0.32)Σ=1.00BNa2.00C(Mg1.69Mn0.252+Fe0.242+Zn0.29Al0.23Fe1.503+Ti0.02Li0.78)Σ=5.00TSi8O22W(F1.59(OH)0.41)Σ=2.00. Unit-cell data are a = 9.788(2), b = 17.826(3), c = 5.282(1) Å, β = 104.195(5)°, V = 893.5 (3) Å3, Z = 2. Crystal-chemical analysis shows that Li is ordered at the M(3) site and Zn is ordered mainly at the M(2) site, confirming previous findings for Li-bearing amphiboles. The new data also make quantification of the oxo component in Na amphiboles possible.

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