The Zn-bearing beaverite of Sato et al. (2008) has been named `beaverite-(Zn)' in accordance with the alunite supergroup nomenclature of Bayliss et al. (2010), and data for the mineral have been approved by the IMA-CNMNC. Beaverite-(Zn) occurs as a dark-brown secondary mineral in the hydrothermal Cu-Zn-Pb ore deposit of the Mikawa mine, Niigata Prefecture, Japan. Electron microprobe analysis gave an empirical formula of Pb0.95(Fe1.88Al0.10)(Zn0.83Cu0.30)(SO4)2[(OH)5.36O0.38] on the basis of S = 2. The Rietveld analysis (Sato et al., 2008) indicated it to be trigonal, R

m, a = 7.3028(2), c = 17.0517(4) Å, V =787.56(4) Å3.

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