The unit-cell parameters of andalusite and sillimanite have been measured by high-T powder X-ray diffraction up to 1000°C at ambient pressure. Within the temperature range investigated, all the unit-cell parameters varied smoothly, indicating no phase transition. The volume-temperature data were fitted with a polynomial expression for the thermal expansion coefficient (αT = a0 + a1T + a2T−2), yielding a0 = 2.55(2) × 10−5K−1, a1 = 0 and a2 = 0 for andalusite, and a0 = 1.40(4) × 10−5K−1, a1 = 7.1(8) × 10−9K−2 and a2 = 0 for sillimanite. Using the new thermal expansion data determined in the present study and compressional data from the literature, the P-T phase relations of the kyanite-andalusite-sillimanite system were calculated thermodynamically, with the invariant point located at ∼523°C and 3.93 kbar.

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