Secondary phosphate assemblages from the Hagendorf Süd granitic pegmatite, containing the new Mn-Al phosphate mineral, nordgauite, have been characterized using scanning electron microscopy and electron microprobe analysis. Nordgauite nodules enclose crystals of the jahnsite–whiteite group of minerals, showing pronounced compositional zoning, spanning the full range of Fe/Al ratios between jahnsite and whiteite. The whiteite-rich members are F-bearing, whereas the jahnsite-rich members contain no F. Associated minerals include sphalerite, apatite, parascholzite, zwieselite-triplite solid solutions and a kingsmountite-related mineral. The average compositions of whiteite and jahnsite from different zoned regions correspond to jahnsite-(CaMnMn), whiteite-(CaMnMn) and the previously undescribed whiteite-(CaMnFe) end-members. Mo-Kα CCD intensity data were collected on a twinned crystal of the (CaMnMn)-dominant whiteite and refined in P2/a to wRobs = 0.064 for 1015 observed reflections.

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