Minamiite has been discredited and renamed natroalunite-2c to show a double unit-cell structure and natroalunite can be designated as natroalunite-1c to show a single unit-cell structure. Kintoreite can be designated as kintoreite-1c to show the same single unit-cell structure, and IMA 1993-039 is a new superstructure of kintoreite and can be designated as kintoreite-2c to show a double unit-cell structure. Beaverite has been renamed beaverite-(Cu). The Zn-bearing beaverite of Sato et al. (2008) has been named “beaverite-(Zn)”, but data for the mineral have not been approved by the CNMNC. Orpheite has been discredited as P-rich hinsdalite. Proposal 07-D was approved by the CNMNC.

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