Scapolite oikocrysts, up to 3 cm in diameter, occur in cognate, cumulate nodules from the 2 Ma rift-related, alkali-basaltic Kula Volcanic Province in Western Turkey. Three scapolite-bearing nodules were found within deposits originating from two adjacent cones. They contain primocrysts of clinopyroxene, biotite, apatite and titanite, together with interstitial kaersutite, biotite, plagioclase and scapolite. Kula scapolites fall mid-way between the meionite (Ca4[Al6Si6O24]CO3) and marialite (Na4[Al3Si9O24]Cl) end-members (∼Me45-71). We believe this to be the first report of interstitial magmatic scapolite.

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