This is generally an excellent advanced text on most aspects of metamorphic petrology, specifically designed for postgraduates and postdoctoral researchers and for the most senior undergraduates specializing in petrology.

The chapter headings show that all the main fields of metamorphic petrology are covered in some detail: (1) Metamorphic Processes (42 pp.); (2) Metamorphic Conditions: Chemography and Thermobarometry (27 pp.); (3) Tectonothermal History of Metamorphic Terranes (68 pp.); (4) Partial Melting during High-Grade Metamorphism (65 pp.); (5) Fluids and Metasomatism (50 pp.); (6) Deformation of Metamorphic Rocks (48 pp.); (7) Parent Rocks (44 pp). An unusual feature is that by far...

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