The sulphur-poor portions of the dry condensed Cu-Fe-Pd-S system were studied at 1000ºC, 900ºC and 725ºC by synthesis in evacuated silicate glass tubes, along with textural observations and electron microprobe analyses of equilibrated reaction products. Sulphide melt coexists with Cu-Fe-Pd alloys, bornite, Fe1−xS and iss (intermediate solid solution, Cabri, 1973) and Pd4S. Compositional data were obtained for the associations bornite-alloy-melt, pyrrhotite-alloy-melt and for immiscible Cu-rich sulphide melts. Partition coefficients for all three metals were derived for the association alloy-melt. Formation of the two new Cu-Pd alloy minerals, skaergaardite and nielsenite, is discussed in terms of the present findings.

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