In this paper, the kinetics of Mo and V (100 μM) uptake on ferrihydrite (FHY) were evaluated in batch, mono-sorbate systems at pH between 4 and 9, and in bi-sorbate systems in the presence of P (100 μM) at pH 7. In the Mo and V single-sorbate experiments, 100% adsorption was observed at pH values below 6 and 8, respectively. Above the point of zero charge (PZC = 7.97) of FHY, the adsorption efficiency for Mo dropped dramatically (20% at pH 8) while V showed high uptake efficiencies even at pH 9 (60% efficiency). The results from the bi-sorbate experiments (Mo-P and V-P) showed that at pH 7, P out-competed (97%) Mo for binding sites on FHY, while in the V-P binary system only ~44% of the binding sites are occupied by P with the remaining sites being occupied by V.

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