The September 2007 ash eruption at Oldoinyo Lengai terminated a period of >30 y of relatively quiet extrusion of natrocarbonatite lavas. Ash erupted on the 24th September comprised nuclei of ijolitic phases, surrounded by finer peralkaline, silica-undersaturated material. The mantling material, as well as that forming nucleus-free particles, is dominated by nepheline, Ti-andradite, Na-melilite, combeite and a Na-Ca-phosphate-carbonate with minor amounts of K-Fe-sulphide and Mn-magnetite in a sparse matrix of alkali carbonate. The absence of clinopyroxene precludes this material from being termed either nephelinite or melilitite. We propose that the material represented by the mantles is an extremely undersaturated, peralkaline hybrid magma resulting from interaction between natrocarbonatite and nephelinite.

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