Small (m-scale) peridotite enclaves at Planany (central Czech Republic) are separated from their gneissic host rocks by a narrow (cm-scale) reaction rim comprising an inner, tremolite + phlogopite zone and an outer, essentially monomineralic phlogopite zone. Both retain an Mg# very similar to that of the peridotite (Mg# = 81), but relative to this reference frame, show large increases in LILE (K, Rb, Ba) and radionuclides (U, Th). On a smaller scale, however, there has been a mineralogically-controlled decoupling of various components, particularly among the HFSE and REE, the former favouring the phlogopite-rich outer layer of the reaction rim, the latter the amphibole-rich inner zone. Taken together, however, the reaction zones preserve key compositional features of their inferred protolith.

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