Lattice parameters and crystal structures of the synthetic spinels Co3O4, CoCr2O4, and solid solutions in the binary join Co3O4–CoCr2O4, have been determined by powder X-ray diffraction structural refinements. In all these spinels the cation distribution is completely normal at room temperature, and the tetrahedrally coordinated cation site is occupied only by Co2+. The ionic radius of Co2+(tet) increases from 0.556(3) in Co3O4 to 0.599(4) in CoCr2O4. In the spinel structure, the interatomic distance between the tetrahedral cations and oxygen are geometrically independent of those between the octahedral cations and oxygen; thus the variation in effective ionic radii is ascribed to next-nearest neighbour effects, induced by covalent tendencies in the low-spin Co3+−O bond. The results demonstrate that the assumption of constant ionic radii even within an isomorphic group such as the oxide spinels needs to be made with caution.

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