Hydroxylian pseudorutile in an adamellite from Cameroon has been identified using EPMA, FT-IR and single-crystal XRD analysis. TiO2 and Fe2O3 contents range between 60.6 and 67.9 wt.% and 22.2 and 36.5 wt.%, respectively, and totals vary from 90.1 to 98.1 wt.%. The SiO2 (0.03–1.40 wt.%), Al2O3 (0.02–0.68 wt.%) and CaO (0.03–0.44 wt.%) contents increase systematically and MnO (0.04–0.69 wt.%) decreases slightly with decreasing Fe3+/Ti values. The MgO content is <0.06 wt.%. H2O contents (1.3–7.5 wt.%) are greater in parts of crystals with lower Fe3+/Ti, suggesting solid solution between the end-members Fe3+2Ti3O9 and Fe3+Ti3O6(OH)3. The lattice parameters are a = 2.85 Å and c = 4.57 Å with hexagonal symmetry and point group 6/mmm.

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