Supergene Fe sulpho-selenides (pyrite, dzharkenite and their intermediate compositions) were discovered in the oxidation zone of the Zapadno-Ozernoe copper-zinc massive sulphide deposit, South Urals, in association with other rare supergene sulphides, such as galena, tetrahedrite, metacinnabarite, tiemannite, Pb sulpharsenides of the jordanite group, undetermined sulphosalts of Hg and Ag, and native elements, such as S, Au and Se. This is the second known occurrence of dzharkenite. The results of the investigation of Fe sulpho-selenides using electron microprobe analysis, X-ray diffraction (XRD) and reflected light microscopy show the existence of a limited solid-solution series between pyrite and dzharkenite, which has not been described before.

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