The ultrastructures of parisite-(Ce) from a rare-earth mineral deposit of Sichuan Province, southwest China, have been observed and investigated by selected area electron diffraction (SAED) and high resolution electron microscopy (HREM). Six new polytypes 4H, 10H, 16H, 18R, 24R and 30R were determined in parisite-(Ce), as were their crystal structure types, subcell (ac″′, ac, ac′) and supercell (ac) parameters, reflection conditions, polytype features and probable space groups. The HREM studies revealed the complex polytypism in parisite-(Ce) whereby the six new polytypes, formed by long-period ordered stacking, always coexist with the common polytype parisite-(Ce)-6R by syntaxy and thus constitute the complex microstructural ‘syntactic polycrystals’, the host of which is the polytype parisite-(Ce)-6R.

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